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How To Download And Install Addon Or Plugins Into Dreambox dm800 hd,dm800 se Satellite Decoder

If you are Dreambox satellite decoders’ users, you may aware that the Linux based machine is more powerful than just a conventional satellite receiver. In order to extend its capability, there are actually some add-on that users can download on top of its original default features. If you wonder how you can download those, here are some simple guides that you can follow to get it done.


Follow below steps to download new add-on for your Dreambox satellite decoder:

  1. Go to Menu -> Setup -> Blue-Panel.
  2. Browse to Addons -> download (Gemini-Server).
  3. Wait a while for the downloading process with downloading catalog and percentage bar in progress and you will notice all the available downloads categorized properly in groups.
  4. Browse to Plugins and click OK will bring you to the next level of available plugins ready for download and use.
  5. Browse to any of them and click on OK will start the download to store the respective plugins.
  6. By now, click Exit button two times to go back to Blue-Panel submenu in step i. then go to Plugins (Tools) and you should notice those downloaded plugins are already in and ready for use.

Hopefully these simple steps will able to make your Dreambox satellite decoder more powerful but at the same time more user-friendly without too complicated for average users.

How To Flash or Format Dreambox DM500s,DM500 HD,DM8000 Satellite Decoder

Dreambox DM500s is one of the famous Linux based decoders that can be used to decode satellite signals from the sky. And if for any reason you would like to reflash your Receiver DM500s either due to software instability, unable to access the setting due to password locked or simply want to get a newer version of firmware, here is a simple step that you can follow to get it done.

For the start, make sure you have Ethernet cable connecting between your PC and DM500s. Then, go to access the Menu option on your decoder. Enter Menu, followed by Setup -> Expert Setup -> Factory Reset and click ‘Yes’ will reboot the system. After rebooted, again go to Menu-> Setup -> Expert Setup -> Communication Setup. This will read and display the Dreambox IP Address that you will be using it when trying to flash the decoder later.

On your PC, launch FlashWizard Pro (assuming that you have download it and save in local PC), a powerful firmware installer that can be used to reflash any Dreambox systems. For the start, go to ‘Configuration and Utilities’, key in the IP address of the Dreambox with default Login and Password as ‘root’ and ‘dreambox’. After that, click on ‘Install a firmware into FLASH memory’ button will open another new interface and over here, users can browse for the firmware file (.fw2 format) by opening the yellow folder button and double clicking on the firmware file and click yes will load and flash the new firmware into it.

It may take few seconds to minute for the flashing process and once a successful message is pop up, just reboot the DM500s for it to be effective. Hopefully these simple steps will help you recover your Dreambox system without the need to send it back to repair center which could be time and cost consuming especially for those that are out of warranty period.

How To Load C-Line And F-Line Into Dreambox decoder Using CCcam Line Manager For Card Sharing

Previously we mentioned about the way to load CCcam file using FTP or using CCcam.cfg Editor and if you think that is too simpler for advanced users, here is another more complicated utility that users can try. Named as CCcam lines manager, it has the same feature as CCcam but with additional ability to add F-line and create C-line in simple windows based User Interface.

Once download and run the executable file (no installation required), users will be brought to a simple interface. For the start, just key in the Dreambox IP (can be obtained from Communication Setup in Dreambox), username and password (default is ‘root’ and ‘dreambox’) followed by ‘Connection test’ press. After a successful connection is established, users can now add new c-line account just like what can be done by CCcam.cfg Editor. On top of these, CCcam lines manager can do more like such as adding F-line and create C-line for your friend. That is not all, it also allows users to configure the max hop and reshare level whenever users plan to reshare the card sharing with either EMU enabled/or disabled. Whenever there is any change required, remember to click on ‘Enable manual edit’ so that users can directly edit both the C-line and F-line on the screen. Once completed, click on ‘Save CCcam.cfg to dream’ will make the change effective.

Hopefully this will serve as a good alternative for those that would like to load both C-line and F-line easily into Dreambox decoder for card sharing.

How To Flash Or Upgrade Skybox S9 HD PVR,openbox S9,dm8000,dm800 hd se Using USB Thumb Drive

Previously we mentioned about the steps on how to flash Dreambox decoder using Ethernet and Com serial null cable, and if you are looking for way to re-flash or upgrade Skybox S9 HD PVR, below are some simple steps that you can follow to get it done.

1.First, you need to get the updated Image File (Ex: HDS2_DUMP.abs) and store it into a USB thumb drive (in FAT32 format).
2.Then, plug in the thumb drive into USB 2.0 host port of Skybox satellite decoder.
3.From remote control, go to Menu -> Tools -> Dump By USB. Then select Dump Mode as Image File (*.abs) and scroll to Start button to start backup all the channels and configurations. It will store the backup copies into USB thumb drive.
4.Then, go to choose Upgrade By USB, select Upgrade Mode as Image File (*.abs) or Misc Files (to restore back previous channels and settings) and browse to the new *.abs file (in this case HDS2_DUMP.abs). Scroll to Start button to start updating the image file. When it asked to burn flash, click yes and a message ”Burnflash…do not power off.” will appear on the screen.
5.Wait until the status bar progress and complete, power cycle the decoder and you are done.
By now, you should have the latest version of upgraded firmware, which could be useful for bug fixes or new feature enhancements to your existing Skybox satellite decoder.

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